Book Review: ‘A Fireproof Home For The Bride’ Is A Great Look At Life In The 1950’s In The Midwest

A young girl comes into her own in the 1950’s Midwest.

Amy Scheibe’s new book ‘A Fireproof Home For The Bride’ is an honest look at life in the 1950’s in the Midwest. How people were really into their religion, how women should act and how people in that era treated black and Hispanic people. .

Emmaline Nelson is eighteen years old and living at home. She is there with her sister and her parents in southern Minnesota. Her world is one of strictness. She is engaged to a man Ambrose Brann (who she was promised to at age 12), she doesn’t love but that doesn’t matter in this time. Emmy is seeing things around her and realizes she wants more in her life. She meets a new guy Bobby Doyle and is smitten with him. She can’t get him out of her mind, even though she is to be married.

She finally strikes out and ends the engagement, decides she wants to get a job and plans out her life. Her mother is against it and kicks her out of the house. She gets a job at the local newspaper as a phone operator and finds out about an aunt living in town she never knew about. She goes to live with her and slowly learns family secrets. She is dating her new boyfriend, who she is falling for. When strange things start to happen in town, she finds herself working with a local reporter investigating. In her investigation, she uncovers hidden family secrets and soon finds her life in jeopardy.

An enjoyable novel that you can pick up in stores Tuesday, March 10.

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