Book Review: ‘A Field Guide To Awkward Silences’ Is Royally Entertaining

RCC Silences

Review by Ann McDonald

Afraid of rejection? Alexandra Petri has auditioned for “America’s Next Top Model.” Afraid of looking like an idiot? Alexandra Petri lost “Jeopardy!” by answering “Who is that dude?” on national TV. Afraid of bad jokes? Alexandra Petri won an international pun championship. Everything you fear is not so bad. Trust her. She’s tried it.

When I started reading this, I must confess, I had no idea what to expect. All the blurbs told me I would be rolling around the floor in laughter – I didn’t but I enjoyed the humor and the book kept a smile on my face the whole time. Petri’s journey into failure as a goal to be lightly desired is a very good read, she is very talented and her insights are pithy and direct with a sly dig at the self important.

“How To Talk To People” was silly and full of humor, of course that’s what Petri wants, isn’t it? “Tuesdays With Hitler” introduces us to Mr. Oliver, an old man, would-be playwright and friend to Petri. Her empathy towards old men and how her life and friends revolve around their dreams and bad plays and novels, is a good section, I enjoyed it, different, very different.

“To Whistle For It” can be summed up in one sentence of Petri’s: “I like whistling the same way I like farting, I enjoy doing it myself but I don’t get any particular pleasure when other people do it around me!” This book takes you through a gamut of scenarios that are not at all relevant to anything in particular. Some of it is hilarious, clever and at times, a little bit boring but the mix is great.

‘A Field Guide to Awkward Silences’ is a good read and deceptively genius in parts. You are royally entertained and enjoy putting the book down and wondering who to buy it for that would enjoy the mix? Why everybody you know of course! Highly recommended.

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Ann McDonald

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