Book Review: ‘A Fatal Booking: A Booklover’s Mystery Novel’ By Victoria Gilbert

The third novel in the series is another fun mystery, set in a small town, with fun characters and a mystery to follow along with. Charlotte is having a book group coming to Chapters, the B and B show owns in a small town in North Carolina. But this group has tension among some of its members and Charlotte notices it herself. When Stacy Wilkin is found dead in the garden, it puts Charlotte on another murder case, along with her neighbor, a former spy, named Ellen Montgomery, as they investigate the guests and who might have committed the murder. As they get closer to figuring things out, someone doesn’t want them getting too close and they need to watch their backs. Fans of this series will be happy with this new novel.

You can pick up A Fatal Booking in stores on Tuesday, June 7th from Crooked Lane.

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