Book Review: ‘A Family Of Strangers: A Novel’ By Emilie Richards

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Ryan Gracie gets a call from her sister Wendy saying she’s in trouble and has to go into hiding for a while. She may be charged with murder but she claims she’s innocent. She wants Ryan to go watch her two girls until she can clear things up but not to tell anyone. Ryan moves to where Wendy lives, which is close to where her parents live. Her father just had heart surgery and Ryan needs to make up a story about where Wendy is. Wendy’s husband is on a submarine at the moment for his job.

Ryan doesn’t know the girls and has to get them to trust her and make them stable. She also sees her ex Teo after four years and it’s bittersweet because of the tragic past they share. She occasionally hears from Wendy and each time she thinks something is off. So Ryan with help from Teo (who she is getting close with again) and her co-worker Sophie (Ryan hosts a podcast and Sophie is a producer on it) they start investigating everything they know.

The more they investigate Ryan learns shocking secrets, one that will change her world. And as they get closer to the truth could Wendy be lying and is she not the person everyone thinks she is? When the truth does come out everyone’s lives will be changed forever.

A thrilling story of lies, family and betrayal that keeps the readers engaged in a story with lots of twists and turns with characters that you root for. And the story has a dog as character so it’s well worth reading just for that!

You can pick up A Family Of Strangers from author Emilie Richards in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from MIRA Books.