Book Review: ‘A Dish To Die For: A Key West Food Critic Mystery’ By Lucy Burdette

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Hayley Snow is a food critic for Key Zest magazine and is married to Nathan, a cop and has a dog named Ziggy and a cat and lives on a houseboat. On this day she Ziggy and goes to lunch with a friend his dogs to a small, remote beach near government land. Ziggy then finds a dead body and now Hayley is once again involved in a mystery. The man that died, GG Garcia, wasn’t a nice man and soon Hayley finds herself working on the case, along with the police. She goes undercover at a dog park to find gossip and works the wake for her mother, who is catering. She soon finds evidence of some of GG’s wrong doings and closes in on the killer. Along with her trusted friend Miss Gloria (a woman in her early 80’s and a real hoot) and a old cookbook might hold all the clues. If you’re a fan of small-time, quirky mysteries, this book is perfect for you. There so much fun to read.

You can pick up A Dish To Die For in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Crooked Lane.