Book Review: ‘A Delicate Touch’ Is The Next Exciting Stone Barrington Novel

by | Dec 15, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

The latest Stone Barrington book is one of the best ones yet in the series. Dino’s ex-wife Mary Ann calls Stone about her late father Eduardo (Stone is the executor of his estate). She has found an old Excelsior safe in the house the shes about to move out of and doesn’t know how to open it. Stone is on the job and gets it open. Inside he finds a lot of money and papers. They take everything and start going through it.

There’s a codicil to Eduardo’s will and Dino and his son Ben are about to come into a lot of money that was stashed. This excites Dino’s wife Viv and they make plans to spend it. There’s also folders on all the old mob people that Eduardo use to know (he was a big time mafia guy). It includes papers on the Tommassini family, who is still around today known as the Thomas family, who run a law firm now H. Thomas & Son and are planning to get into the Presidential race against Holly and a run a scam to influence the elections and put money into the campaign.

Stone turns this info over to the DA and then learns Mary Ann opened her mouth and told Heather Thomas, an ex of one of the Thomas men. She has already told her son who in return has told the don of the family. Now they’re out to get Stone and silence him not knowing he’s given the file to the DA. Stone takes off on his yacht to hide low while things settle down a bit.

Things settle down a bit and Stone comes back and formulates a new plan to expose them once and for all and to get them off his back. It could backfire on him and those around him.

Stone Barrington is one of the best characters around in books today. He’s suave, a ladies man (he literally beds every woman he meets), is well-written and the stories are always fun and very easy to read. Time to jump in and see what he’s all about.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, December 28th from Putnam.