Book Review: ‘A Cruel Light: A Novel’ By Cyndi MacMillan

Annora Garde is a world-famous art restorer, and gets a call from her old friend Lilith, in Ontario, about restoring a mural in an old house being restored into a museum. It’s been damaged by mold and water, and Annora soon learns it’s of a young girl named Rosemary, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 1957. The killer(s) were never found, and could still be alive in the area now, and there could be a major clue in the mural. She works with Inspector Scott MacGowan, where there’s an attraction, and as she makes progress with the painting, figures it involves more than one girl. It brings back memories of what happened to her father and sister years ago. Someone though doesn’t want her to finish cleaning this, and an attempt is made on her life, and a new wave of violence starts. Will Annora be able to finish her work, and help stop a killer? An intense small town thriller, with interest characters, and a story that keeps you engaged. Fans of psychological thrillers will like this debut novel.

You can pick up A Cruel Light in stores on Aoril 4th from Crooked Lane.

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