Book Review: ‘A Cruel Deception’ Is The Next Exciting Bess Crawford Mystery

Charles Todd is back with book number eleven in their Bess Crawford series. This time Bess is in France trying to track down the missing son of the Matron of The Queen Alexandra’s.

It’s 1919 and the war is over and Bess is helping with the wounded. She’s summoned to London by Matron and asked to do a favor. She’s to go to Paris and try and find her missing son Lawrence. He’s suppose to be at the peace talks but hasn’t shown up and no one seems to know where he is. She’s able to track him down outside of Paris and finds he has had some kind of breakdown. He’s hooked on laudanum and has some sort of psychological issue. Bess is trying to help him but he doesn’t want to be helped. Then he up and vanishes.

As Bess digs into what might have happened to him she starts to suspect people that know him are keeping secrets. She’s on the trail to find him and help him before it’s too late for himself and for her.

If you’ve never read a Charles Todd novel, they’re a mother/son writing team, who have been at this for years. Bess Crawford is a really well-written, strong female character, who always goes above and beyond when asked to do things. As usual the Todds have written another exciting mystery featuring Bess and she’s a pleasure to read.

You can pick up A Cruel Deception in stores on Tuesday, October 22nd from Morrow.

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