Book Review: ‘A Blizzard Of Polar Bears: An Alex Carter Novel’ By Alice Henderson

Book two in the Alex Carter series is a solid adventure set in the Canadian Artic and dealing with climate change and Polar Bears (without be preachy). The action is non-stop and furthers the the story of Alex from the fist novel. A wel-done second novel. Alex is still in Montana and receiving mysterious post cards and has no idea who is sending them. She gets an offer to do a study on Polar Bears in the Canadian Arctic and jumps at it. She arrives there and begins her research (and it’s informative how she does it…author Henderson has done her research). A few nights after she has started, the lab where she works is broken into and samples and research is stolen. Then her helicopter pilot suddenly quits, things don’t look good for this study. Then a new pilot named Casey shows up and things are back on. But someone is after them looking for something that seems to have to do with the research study. We soon learn it’s a lot more involved and Alex finds her life in danger on many occasions and soon figures out what the bad guys are looking for and she also learns who her stalker is, though she may not live long enough to tell anyone.

You can pick up A Blizzard Of Polar Bears in stores on Tuesday, November 11th from William Morrow.

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