Book Review: ‘A Bad Day For Sunshine’ By Darynda Jones Is A Great Start To A New Series

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The village of Del Sol, New Mexico has a new Sheriff. Sunshine Vicram is back in town and in charge. She didn’t even know she was running (her parents got her elected somehow). Sunshine has her 14 year old daughter with her Auri, who is getting ready to start at the High School. She already has a bad rep because her mom is Sheriff and the police busted a keg at the New Year’s Eve Party and she is considered a narc.

On the first day in the office Sunshine has quite the day. A fight over a rooster named Puff Daddy, a flasher named Doug, a basket of muffins which means something bad is going to happen and a car skidding into the station and almost killing Sunshine. And then a 14 year old girl Sybil is missing. She has predicted something would happen to her before her 15 birthday in 3 days and now it may come true.

Sunshine and her officers including Quincy (her best friend since childhood), Zee, Price and now U.S. Marshalls and an FBI agent are on the case. And there’s Levi, a man Sunshine has had the hots for since school. He’s considered a bad boy and is the head of his family now, trying to keep them on the straight and narrow.

The investigation is under way and when Levi’s nephew went missing Levi helps in the search for Sybil. They find her and then they lose her again and it leads to a shocking revelation.

On top of that Sunshine has to deal with her feelings for Levi, Auri is having issues at school and meets a hunky boy named Cruz and secrets from Sunshine’s past come to light. It’s a memorable few days for sure for the new Sheriff.

A great start to the Sunshine Vicram series. Sunshine is a well-written character and the supporting cast of characters in this small village are great, quirky and a lot of fun. Here’s to more adventures with this motley crew.

You can pick up A Bad Day For Sunshine in stores on Tuesday, April 7th from St. Martin’s Press.