Book Review: ‘9 From The Nine Worlds’ Has Mini Adventures Of Characters From The Magnus Chase Novels

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Rick Riordan is back with a book featuring characters from the Magnus Chase books. With the Gods of Asgard story over and Magnus off visiting his cousin Annabeth, we get mini adventures with supporting characters. They include Hearthstone, Blitzen, Samirah, Alex, Jack, T.J., Mallory, Halfborn, Odin and Thor (who steals the book!).

Each character gets a mini adventure and a chapter to themselves to get into a bit of trouble and then get out of it. Each is a fun little adventure and it’s good to see these characters getting some time to themselves. There’s one central them to the whole book. Thor is jogging through the nine worlds in an effort to get on an Asgard TV show. Each adventure finds him jogging through with funny reactions and comments, at times on his farts, with LOL results for the reader.

Rick Riordan has written another fun novel with his usual pop culture references and LOL moments that you can only find in his books. There are a lot of references to Ragnarok in the book. Not sure where his stories are going in the future but it seems all points may be toward that event at some point in the future with his stories. In the meantime I will settle for more stories with Magnus, Percy Jackson, Apollo and the rest of all his fun characters (especially Jack the Sword one of my personal favorites).

9 From The Nine Worlds is available in stores now from Disney-Hyperion Books.