Book Review: ‘500 Miles From You’ Is The Next Delightful Novel From Jenny Colgan

Lissa is a nurse in London. She’s a London girl through and through. Cormack is Scottish and a Scot through and through. He’s also a nurse in a small town called Kirrinfeif.

After Lissa witnesses something bad it affects her something bad. Cormack is well-liked in his town as he goes and checks on patients. Then a new opportunity arises for both of them. An exchange of their jobs. Each would go to the other’s location for three months and take over for each other. It’s a learning exchange program. Lissa has never been to Scotland and Cormack has barely ever been to London. For Lissa it is a time for her to hopefully heal. For Cormack it’s good for his career.

Cormack finds London to be too much. Lissa isn’t sure of Scotland. They both are in different worlds and have to learn how to adjust to them. They haven’t met but talk by e-mail and messaging about their cases and start talking about their lives. The more they talk the more a spark seems to be developing. Lissa is really starting to like her new location but Cormack hasn’t really warmed to London.

When Lissa has to come to London for a trial they make plans to meet. But things take a turn and they never meet and Lissa things she’s been stood up. She heads back to Scotland and Cormack decides to make a noble gesture to Lissa but will it be too late.

Another enjoyable novel from author Jenny Colgan. A well-written story, great locations and characters you root for. This is the second novel from Jenny that I have read in the past few months and I am now a fan of hers.

You can pick up 500 Miles From You in stores on Tuesday, June 9th from William Morrow.

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