Book Review: ’48 Hours: A Novel’ Looks At What Happens When It Could Be The End Of The World

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Author William R. Forstchen is known for his One Second After series (which I never read) and is back with his new novel 48 Hours, out on Tuesday, January 8th from Forge. The book will remind you of the 1998 movie Deep Impact (which wasn’t that good). This book is really good though. It looks at the potential end of the world due to a Solar Storm coming from the sun that could destroy everything in its path.

The story is told on two fronts. In Washington with the President getting the information and having to decide what to do and tell the American people. This Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) will hit the earth and destroy just about everything with high radiation. He has his underground bunker which should keep him safe along with the lucky people that get to go to it. There’s a chance this thing might not hit or hit the other parts of the world first but it’s coming.

In Springfield, Missouri Darren Brooks is heading to work. There is still power outages and gas shortages due to the last solar storm. He heads to work and knows another one is suppose to hit soon. He doesn’t know it will be followed by the more powerful CME. When he gets to work things are not what they should be. The military is there investigating the underground bunker that is stocked with supplies for almost a year. Darren soon learns that the storm is coming and that the bunker will hold the Governor, his people and other people. He and his wife Darla come up with a plan to take over the bunker and use it for children and certain adults that can look after them to help try and save the future. It would not let parents go in. It would require them to say goodbye to their kids.

Darren and Darla are soon at was with the military, the state police and the Governors office as they have put the word out for kids to come and they start arriving. It becomes an all out war for the bunker with people switching sides and firing on them.

As the hours wind down both the President and Darren and Darla take a stand as their lives could be ending.

A page-turning, thrilling story of what could be the end of the world with two people taking a stand for the sake of the future. You will read along and not want to put it down until the final climatic moment. You wonder if this could really happen to the earth with climate issues and global warming. Lets hope not.