Book Review: ‘101 Things That Piss Me Off’ By Rachel Ballinger Is A Fun Look At Common Things That Piss You Off

Rachel Ballinger is a YouTube sensation with almost one million and seven hundred thousand followers of her videos. You can check them out and follow here. She has a popular series of videos called What Pisses Me Off!. Now she has taken that concept and made it into a very funny, interesting list of 101 Things That Piss Me Off (St. Martin’s Press; in stores now).

There’s really not a lot I can do to review it. A fun list of 101 things that you can also call ‘pet peeves’ that I mostly agree with. Things like why do you drive in the left hand lane and go slow, when it’s the lane for going fast, pointing out typos, giving an opinion when not asked for and 98 more things. It’s a fun list with in some cases fun, hand drawn cartoons to make the point. If you want a good laugh and to see if all 101 things make your list, pick it up in stores now. I can think of a whole bunch more that Rachel can add to her list for next time or to go off on on YouTube.

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