Blue Sky Studios Continues Its Midas Touch With ‘Epic’

Released in 2013, Epic is another children’s animated feature from a long line of block office successes by Blue Sky Studios. With just nine films, the studio has raked in over $US4.5 billion in global box office sales. Previous hits include the celebrated Ice Age franchise, Robots, and both Rio films.

With a great underlying message, high-paced action, and stunning cinematography, critics and kids agree – Epic is a hit, earning $US268 million.

The Leaf Men
Epic is based on the beloved children’s novel The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce, and is story about the balance of nature. The Leaf Men protect the Queen of the Forest, who attempts to preserve the natural harmony of growth and renewal. Looking to thwart and corrupt these efforts are the Boggans, a nasty race of fungal-like goblins.

This epic (pun intended) struggle occurs under the very noses of humankind, as all of the characters are barely an inch tall. There is one person that suspects the existence of this secret world, a bumbling scientist intent on proving his madcap theory is correct.

Everything changes when the daughter of the scientist, Mark Katherine, takes center stage in this tiny world, holding the balance of the forest and the Leaf Men in her hands.

Joyce’s story comes to life with a beautifully crafted world and vivid characters under the artful guidance of Academy Award winning director Chris Wedge.

Casting Brilliance
While the visual art in the film certainly adds to its brilliance and appeal, the inspired casting is what marks it as an instant classic. From starring roles to cameos, Epic is loaded with top-level talent.

Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Les Miserables) as Mary Katherine, the forgotten daughter trying to make a final attempt to repair the relationship with her father.

Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games, Bridge to Terabithia) as Nod, the impetuous and reckless Leafman warrior.

Colin Farrell (Total Recall, Miami Vice) as Ronin, the experienced leader of the Leafman who serves as the mentor and guardian to Nod.

Beyoncé Knowles (Dreamgirls, Austin Powers 3) as Queen Tara, the wise and protective mother of the forest.

Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds, The Green Hornet) plays the vile and cruel Mandrake, the leader of the evil Boggans.

The performances are first rate across the board, but Waltz in particular shines as the slithering villain of the story.

Watch It Now
With stellar numbers in ticket sales and critical buzz, Blue Sky Studios are positioned as one of the major competitor studios to challenge for the Pixar-Disney crown.

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