Blu-ray Review: ‘Wolf Warrior’

‘Wolf Warrior’ is a flimsy film turned propaganda piece for the Chinese military. Its overall plot is straightforward (good guys versus bad guys), but boring, and at times it drifts into just not making sense.

The movie follows a Chinese special force soldier as he is hunted by a group of foreign mercenaries that have been hired by a drug lord to assassinate him. From there the whole thing is really just an us (Chinese military) versus them (mercenaries) shoot’em up flick. While this in itself isn’t bad, ‘The Wolf Warrior’ somehow manages to screw the dynamic up.

At times this film is really boring. There is not a lot of fighting, only a couple of minutes if I’m being generous, and the rest of the “action” is poorly shot shooting scenes (pun intended). The film does involve a wolf, as the title hints, but those scenes are so ridiculously digital and fake that it is hard to watch them.

Overacting is a disease infecting ‘Wolf Warrior’. From the lead actors to the background extras, the reactions to what occurs in the film are terrible though somewhat humorous. There are better films to watch, though if you are looking for an incredibly dumbed down good versus bad action flick then this is certainly an option.

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