Blu-ray Review: ‘War Dogs’

Review by Joseph Tucker

War Dog is a derogatory term for a low level gun runner that competes for government contracts and that is exactly what “War Dogs” centers around in hilarious fashion that makes you think about who really benefits from war and it does so, surprisingly, not in a “Hangover” fashion but more in tune with that of “The Big Short.” Confused yet? Let’s jump into it.

Set in this decade, “War Dogs” covers the not so far-fetched tale of two Miami boys who go from rags to riches, all thanks to a war economy whose hunger is never satiated. David Packouz (Miles Teller) and Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill), are real people. These two came across the realization that due to the war within Iraq, the Pentagon would literally do business with anyone who had the means to get them what they needed. Guns, ammo, armor, the whole lot was open for bidding and in that structure, the whole system could be used and that is exactly what the two did. This film was surprising due to the fact that it is very literally a lion masquerading as a sheep. Thought this was going to be another bro-comedy? Well it does have its hints but the full body of this story is actually hard hitting and holds nothing back as it picks apart Cheney’s American dream in a critical fashion. Greed and waste tormented this era and that was reflected within the characters, especially Hill’s part of Efraim. The only conscience seemed to radiate from Teller’s character and that seemed to work throughout the film. Teller was the brains, Hill was the brawn and it made for a nice combo. These two actors who are up to par in their own right proved that two heads are better than one in this film with an incredible on-screen chemistry.

I cannot stress enough how these characters were used perfectly to pick apart the time frame in which this was set. This was a time where morality and judgment were thrown out the window for the market and that is exactly what you are served up, lightly-coated with satire. Now, to be clear, this isn’t some political bullshit that skews to the left or the right and favors its self-righteousness, it burns everyone and it does so without a second glance. No one is safe in this; not from jokes, not from death, not from prison. This movie shoots to kill and it does a fantastic job scene after scene. Go see it for the comedy, go see it for the scathing truth, just go see it. I promise you, it’s worth it.

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