Blu-ray Review: ‘Vengeance Of An Assassin’

Natee (Dan Chupong) became an assassin to discover who killed his parents. As he gets closer to uncovering a secret network of power and corruption, he’s double-crossed on a job, making him a target and putting everyone he loves in danger. Now he must overcome his current predicament and fight hard if he wants to survive and protect his friends and family.

It seems that most of the plot of ‘Vengeance of an Assassin’ was imagined to be a lot more interesting and cool than it turned out to be. For the most part this is just a prototypical assassin/revenge film. Natee was double-crossed so now he must fight to survive.

The film’s fighting scenes are clearly meant to be the highlight here. The writing is awkward and non-sensical. The acting is pretty terrible. Fans of great fight scenes and action who don’t care about the overall plot should really enjoy this mindless film. ‘Vengeance of an Assassin’ is nothing but a trope filled excuse for a few well-choreographed fight scenes.

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