Blu-ray Review: ‘Veep: The Complete Sixth Season’

Veep is one of the best shows on TV and season six did not disappoint. It was all about change for Selina and the crew. The show time jumps a year and Selena is trying to open a Presidential Library and also working on her memoirs. Dan is working at CBS, on their morning show and being sexually harassed by the long time female co-host. Amy is engaged to a man running for Governor of Nevada. Mike is at home with his three kids. Richard is working with Selina as an aide. Jonah is still in Congress (and making an ass of himself). And Gary is still Gary at Selina’s side.

Some of the highlights of the season include Selina finding Andrew having an affair, Selina and Gary both having medical issues at the same time, a rumor Selina is going to be a Supreme Court nominee, Amy finds herself pregnant by an unlikely source, Jonah’s political career blows up and Selena wants to be President again (after her book comes out).

Just another brilliantly written and well acted season. This show fires on all cylinders at all times and hopefully will be able to keep it up for many more seasons to come.

You can pick up Veep: The Complete Sixth season in stores on Tuesday, September 12.

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