Blu-ray Review: ‘The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Seventh Season’

It was a mixed bag of The Vampire Diaries in season seven. Elena is gone and Damien is missing her something bad. The heretics take over Mystic Falls. Matt Donovan has also taken to policing the town and not allowing anything bad to happen. Caroline and Stefan are having issues (especially with her becoming pregnant with twins).

Damon and Stefan are trying to come up with a plan to take down his mother and her brood. Enzo is conflicted with his loyalties. To top it off a bad ass vampire hunter that cannot be killed is on the loose because of a magical stone that can bring back dead people.

The show jumps between the future and what’s happening today. The stories that play out in the future have bearing on the show today and by the end of the season all is explained. The set up for the final upcoming season is how the show ends. And it looks like a dozy of a bad coming to Mystic Falls!

You can pick up ‘The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Seventh Season’ on Tuesday, August 16.

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