Blu-ray Review: ‘Once Upon A Time: The Complete Sixth Season’

Season six of Once Upon A Time was a mixed bag. There was two main stories that played out. The Evil Queen vs. Regina and The Black Fairy wanting revenge. There were a lot of new characters (and way too many) introduced Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, the Count of Monte Cristo, Mary Lydgate, Captain Nemo, Lady Tremaine, Beowulf, Tiger Lily and the Tin Man as well as The Black Fairy, Gideon (Rumple and Belle’s son) and Jafar. It was an uneven season with too much emphasis on these newer characters and less time for our original core of characters.

The seasons started with Mr. Hyde and his people from the land of untold stories. Also the Evil Queen declared war and was able to stop Regina at every turn. She even put a curse of Snow and Charming so that they could never be awake at the same time. Emma was having visions of a big fight that she loses and dies. It was affecting his use of magic. Rumple was trying to win back Belle who gave birth to Gideon, who she later sent away as she was worried about his being safe. He was taken by The Black Fairy and was at her disposal since she had his heart. It all lead to the ultimate battle of good verses evil involving Emma, Gideon and The Black Fairy, after another curse was put over Storybrooke.

Other things that happened were Selena being sent back to her home, Regina and Emma in a different time with they meet a different Robin Hood, who Regina brings back to Storybrooke to try and rekindle with him. It didn’t work and he ended up with the Evil Queen back in his realm. We also learn Rumple’s back story involving his mother and his attempts to save Gideon from her.

In the end everyone got their happy endings or as close as they could. When it was announced that the show was renewed for a seventh season, big changes were announced. Only three original characters are to remain and the show is going to jump forward in time.

You can relive the sixth season when it’s released on Tuesday, August 15th.

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