Blu-ray Review: ‘Tremors 5: Bloodlines’ Packs Thrills, Laughs And A Lot Of Groans

I must admit that I haven’t seen any of the Tremors films, and knew little about the series besides its well-known killer worm-like creatures. Tremors 5: Bloodlines catches new audiences up to speed immediately, as they watch a short clip from Burt Gummer’s worm-hunting reality show. Audiences new to the series are caught up in a little over a minute and thrown right into the action with a strong teaser scene, where we learn that the monsters, the Graboids, are wreaking havoc in Africa.

For a relatively low-budget and low-profile sequel, Tremors 5 delivers very good effects throughout the entire film. While they don’t exactly match up to modern day blockbusters, the effects are solid and they build on the tight and entertaining action sequences. Although Tremors is typically thought of as a horror film, Tremors 5 relies more heavily on action and comedy, although there are a few chilling moments as the mysterious creature surrounds our characters.

With it’s action and some likable characters, Tremors is a lot of fun. The film is full of references and homages to famous films like Die Hard, Alien and Jurassic Park, although it’s a little difficult to determine whether the similarities are references or recycling. Either way, the little moments add to the fun, although familiar, tone of the film.

Unfortunately, while the action is well-done and engaging, the film’s comedy typically falls flat. Although Michael Gross gives the audience an often funny tough guy performance, Jamie Kennedy is cringe-inducing and out of place playing a goofy rebel that he is just way too old to play. Kennedy spits out a barrage of one-liners, “witty” observations, and pop culture references that are never remotely funny, relevant to the plot, or even in line with the film’s style. The film has a few other groan inducing moments, like an outdated and borderline offensive depiction of Africa, and an incredibly cheesy plot twist tacked onto the end for little reason.

Despite some very dated and corny aspects of the film’s humor, the action in Tremors 5 tends to keep audiences hooked. For fans of the Tremors series, the film will likely deliver the action as Burt Gummer and the African villagers try to destroy the creatures. However, even the most devoted fans of Tremors may not to be able to stomach Jamie Kennedy.

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