Blu-ray Review: ‘These Final Hours’

‘These Final Hours’ is a film that attempts to get at the question “what would you do if you only had one day to live?” For James (Nathan Philips) the answer to that question is partying like its your last. With only 12 hours left before life on Earth ends James is making his way across an anarchic and chaos-filled city towards what is supposed to be the best party ever. On his way to the shindig James reluctantly saves the life of Rose (Angourie Rice), a little girl that is desperately searching for her father. Beset with new feelings of responsibility James is forced to figure out what really matters in his last few hours of life.

By in large this is a well-made film. It features not only an interesting story, but a cast that comes off as real and believable. This is a film that is mainly about the characters and their development (though the apocalyptic thrillers aspects are front and center as well). James begins as self-indulgent and arrogant, but by the end of the film you can see that his personality has changed for the better. This transition is not forced but develops slowly, which is largely due to a phenomenal performance by Nathan Philips.

The film definitely has a bit of an edge to it. Sex, violence, and drugs are all featured prominently. This vision of Armageddon sees that the world is ending so people have largely turned into self-indulgent hedonists. With nothing really to live for these people have turned to fleeting pleasures. James is one of those people, but his chance encounter with Rose offers him a new perspective.

There are definitely some interesting arguments about human nature put forward by ‘These Final Hours’, and while it is impossible to judge their accuracy they do make for an entertaining watch. If you’re looking for a somewhat unique take on the apocalyptic genre then check ‘These Final Hours’ out.

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