Blu-ray Review: ‘The Marine 5: Battleground’ Is What It Is

Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin is back for his third Marine movie as Jake Carter in The Marine 5: Battleground, available in stores on Tuesday, April 5.

This time around Jake is a paramedic out on call with his partner Zoe (Anna Van Hooft) when they got a dispatch to a parking garage. When they arrive they find one man dead and another man Cole (Nathan Mitchell)shot. They killed a biker gang leaded. The gang fired back and chased them to the garage. Jake and Zoe are caught in the cross hairs. What they don’t know is that Jake is an ex marine. With no cell service or elevators, they have to use their wits to outfight the biker gang.

The movie also stars WWE wrestlers Curtis Axel, Naomi, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas and Miz’s wife Maryse. If you’ve ever seen these Marine movies you know what you’re getting. A lot of gunfire and fights. These are not Oscar caliber movies. They’re just a good 90 minutes of high adrenaline action. The Miz is very good in his role. He has that something that can carry these roles (and if you haven’t been watching WWE with his parodies of John Cena, you should google it).

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