Blu-ray Review: ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’

Action-comedy genre is one of the difficult genres of movies because combining power-packed action with light hearted comedy is indeed a tough task. But, Director Patrick Hughes has done an incredible job with his latest movie ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’. Perfect doses of high power action, sarcastic comments, comic timing and energetic drama come together in this highly anticipated movie of 2017. ’The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ can be your next entertainment fix for a delightful break from routine.

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson have brought this script to life with their perfectly timed jokes and excellent screen presence. Both these actors complement each other and this powerful partnership forms the core of the movie. It revolves around a top protection agent Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and a notorious assassin Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson).

As key witness for a major case, Darius’s presence in the International court of Justice at Amsterdam is of utmost importance. But since the trial involves some significant people in position, there is lot of threat to Darius’s life that add to the complications of the plot.

With this background, when top protection agent Michael is thrown into the situation, he reluctantly agrees to protect Darius as lot of things are at stake. Uncomfortable history between Michael and Darius presents the reality that both of them cannot co-operate with each other under any kind of circumstances. What follows is confusion, disagreement, action and discussion between the two as they travel across countries to reach the court safely. Though this movie is action based, it does not come across as a serious plot with guns and bullets. At the same time, it is not some light plot with boring foundation. Excellent balance between action and comedy will ensure that fans of both this genre will enjoy the movie.

Another highlight of this movie is its fast pace. The story runs smoothly without any unnecessary inclusions or diversions. Right from the first scene, it is able to build the plot in a flawless manner, taking the audience straight to the point. Though both the characters exhibit significant difference of opinions, there are some unbelievable, yet interesting moments of care and concern between the two. Michael’s dedication for his job and Darius’s good-hearted motive behind his actions are some of the highlighting aspects of the movie that form a connection with the audience.

Besides these two talented actors, there are several other characters that add to the success of the plot. Salma Hayek, Elodie Young, Gary Oldman add strength to the movie. The movie features some great stunts that make it an excellent action-based drama. Interesting equation between a hitman and his bodyguard is not the only reason to watch this movie. There are some light philosophical interactions between the two that display their unique, yet relevant outlook towards life. The story features some beautiful locations of Europe that are worth watching.

Watch this movie for its action, comedy, slight tinge of romance and powerful story. Though it is an action movie, it will definitely bring a smile on your face as you enter back into your routine, once again. Power to the makers and actors of this movie, they have truly done a great job!

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