Blu-ray Review: ‘The Corruptor’

Nick Chen (Chow Yun Fat), a NY police officer and Chinese born immigrant, works to prevent gang war in Chinatown between the Triads and the Dragons. Danny Wallace (Mark Wahlberg), an in over his head immigration cop, teams up with Chen, but when the Triads offer Wallace a bribe things get difficult and complicated.

‘The Corruptor’ is a great action film that mixes the dynamic of a cop drama with the atmosphere of an old school John Woo flick. It is not one of those happy or upbeat type of action movie with little jokes or bits of comedy are mixed in. This isn’t ‘Die Hard’ where the audience chuckles along to humor intermixed between taking down baddies. ‘The Corruptor’ is a gritty film interlaced with tragedy. Good people die and the plot doesn’t always go the way you’d want (or expect). It is a great watch, but it does not pander or sugarcoat.

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