Blu-ray Review: ‘The Breakfast Club’

“Don’t you forget about me”. So goes the now famous 80’s anthem by the Simple Minds featured prominently at the end of John Hughes’ classic ‘The Breakfast Club’, and here 30 years later it is safe to say that no one has forgotten about ‘The Breakfast Club’. Marking its 30th anniversary a special edition of the film is being released complete with a hodgepodge of special features.

There is really no need to discuss the plot of the film. If you’ve seen the movie then you know what it’s about, and if you haven’t seen it then you really should (and there’s also a pretty good possibility you still already know what it is about). It is pretty much required viewing at this point. For many people it is THE quintessential high school movie. While times have changed a lot of the topics and issues it deals with are still apt.

The transfer looks pretty great; though remember that this is an older film so it still shows its age even given the restoration. Overall the special features feel a bit like fluff and padding, but the addition of a pop-up trivia feature is definitely a winner for fans of the film. The only downside to the pop-up feature is that sometimes the info cards stay on the screen a bit longer than necessary. Not sure what the features makers think about the average reading speed of viewers, but needless to say they leave a lot of time to read the trivia facts.

‘The Breakfast Club’ has become a true classic. It still often finds its way into modern pop culture even though the source material is thirty years removed. The new anniversary edition blu ray offers a clean transfer plus some fun special features. It is a great way to become reacquainted (or introduced) to an entertaining movie.

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