Blu-ray Review: ‘Storks’

It has been a pretty good year for animated films. So much so, that two of the best films I have seen this year were animated films. I point this out to make it clear that I really do love a good animated film or a good family film in general. ‘Storks’ teeters on the edge of being good at times, but mostly it’s just an obnoxious film with a series of botched jokes. 

One of the things that make family films accessible is the heart behind their story and the way they manipulate an audience into seeing the characters as themselves. There is occasionally a heart in this story, but mostly the movie just attempts to make you laugh. It tries to make you laugh just about every 15 to 30 seconds. Every now and then, the laughs land, but mostly they land with a thud.

The story is basically a twist on the old idea of stories delivering babies. However, they have stopped that business and now deliver packages. One stork (voiced by Andy Samberg) is on the verge of becoming the boss if he can carry out one tiny task. He must fire the one human who works for them. That human is only there because she was not delivered to her family. So, his inability to fire her (and attempt to hide it) leads to an adventure that will put the storks back in the baby business.

There are a number of pit stops on their adventure, but the only memorable one is a pack of wolves that can transform into just about anything. It’s a clever gag that wore it’s welcome out for me. Mostly, the adventure is filled with a series of fast paced bickering sessions and attempts to make you chuckle. Personally, I grew quite bored of the dialogue and found myself struggling to stay awake. It was all just so obnoxious. 

Now, I do think that most kids will like this and find it colorful. I also think some Andy Samberg fans will enjoy his brand of comedy here and there, but most parents will just be struggling to get through it.

Nathan Ligon

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