Blu-ray Review: ‘Spy’ Is A Don’t Miss Comedy

There is something purely magical about the combination of Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Fieg. Every time that you used to get together it is like fireworks have gone off. I have seen a number of movies with Melissa McCarthy and very few of them conjure up memories. Yet, all the movies she has done with Fieg have been unforgettable. Now, I’m obviously not saying that these movies are masterpieces or anything, but they are certainly some of the funniest movies I’ve seen in years.

You can now add the new James Bond like spoof ‘Spy’ to that list. Man, this movie is so damn funny that I actually remember some of the lines verbatim. I don’t ever remember any comedic lines in any comedic films. People always have to remind me afterwards. However, there are number of lines in this movie that I cannot forget because they’re so damn funny. I won’t ruin any of them for you, but I will let you know that you are in for a treat.

The movie opens with Jude Law playing a very James Bond like spy who is deep behind enemy lines. The spy’s name is Bradley Fine and their are a couple of funny jokes about who is the finest. Anyways, behind enemy lines obviously means he’s getting a martini at a bad guys party. After distracting the guards, Fine makes his way into a dark cellar and starts taking guys out he can’t even see from around the corners. How can he do this. Well, because super office agent Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is getting his back.

She has access to some of the best technology in the world and so she knows everything at the click of a button. She also has a bit of a crush on Fine and is constantly flirting with him. This is a huge distraction from the bad ass life of being a spy that she wanted, but she doesn’t seem to care when Fine’s around. She just wants to have his babies. It’s kind of sad. Which is why something has to happen in order to get her out in the field. I won’t reveal what that something is.

Once she gets out in the field is where the real fun starts. There is basically a gag every minute through the entire 117 minute running time and they almost all work. Hell, even the ones that don’t completely land are pretty darn amusing. I especially liked Jason Statham a@s the secret agent who has done everything every time he’s on screen he tells the most outlandish thing that he escaped from or overcome and they are all tremendously hilarious!

Nathan Ligon

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