Blu-ray Review: ‘Search Party’

If you need another reason to not take drugs, Search Party will provide that reason. After a less-than-memorable bachelor party where three guys are “partying” in the back of a van, a man’s life is turned upside down by his friend’s heart-felt, yet misguided, intentions. He then spends the rest of the movie trying to pick up the pieces, ultimately (spoilers) getting his life back on track to pretty much the point it should have been if he had not gotten high; except that now he has a vicious drug dealer on his tail. On the plus side, his little adventure does affirm what he truly wants his future to include.

When the movie opens, Daniel (Thomas Middleditch; Silicon Valley) is celebrating his last night of bachelorhood with his life-long friends Jason (T.J. Miller; Silicon Valley, Deadpool) and Evan (Adam Pally; The Mindy Project). While Daniel’s inhibitions are down, he confesses some reservations he has about his wedding; which Jason takes to heart and uses to ruin the marriage the next morning during the ceremony. After his fiancé storms out and heads off on their honeymoon alone, Daniel become hopelessly depressed and realizes just how much he loves her. Not long after, he follows his ex-fiancé to Mexico where he gets in way over his head and his only hope is Jason and a reluctant Evan. What follows is a series of nonsensical subplots with a type of humor geared towards fans of The Hangover, Community, or just about anything on Comedy Central.

The cast is great and filled with a variety of familiar faces. Jessica Jones’ Krysten Ritter appears as a potential fling for Evan, although things do not work out quite as well as he may have hoped (and his hopes were pretty low). Community’s Allison Brie also appears as one of Jason’s former girlfriends. Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci appear and perform as their music duo, Garfunkel and Oats. It seems to be their own music/style, so if you enjoy their music (as I do), you will get a kick out of their scenes and/or the on-screen audience’s reaction.

I somewhat enjoyed the movie. I, personally, couldn’t really relate to the characters, and the antics that they get into seem pretty far-fetched; but there is some plausibility and I still laughed here and there though I could have used a search party to find the funny. For some audiences, this will probably tip toward hilarity. However, if a stressed-out fully-naked man in a foreign country is not your idea of comedy, you may want to search for another movie.


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