Blu-ray Review: ‘Rings’ Is A Great Return To The Franchise

Review by Monique Thompson

After 12 years since the last release, The Ring franchise is finally back! Call me biased but I am totally convinced The Ring is one of the best psychological horror films ever released.

In the third installation, Rings, things pick up thirteen-years following the events of The Ring Two. After her boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe) gets wrapped up in some “extra credit” experiment in college, Julia (Matilda Lutz) searches for a way to save him. That so called “extra credit” experiment involves something way more sinister than Julie and even Holt would have imagined. First you watch it, then you die. The infamous tape is still circulating and after watching it, the viewer gets that creepy “7-days” phone call. Julia must find a way to save Holt before his expiration date approaches and he meets the little girl behind it all, Samara (Bonnie Morgan).

If you’ve saw the first two installments of the franchise, you’re already aware that Samara was adopted and drowned when her step-mother threw her down a water well. In Rings, the plot dives deeper (no pun intended) into Samara’s birth, revealing who her birth parents are. Samara’s soul is still very much alive and she’ll stop at nothing until she is freed. While Julia is searching for clues to stop the 7-day video curse, she makes a horrifying discovery and soon finds herself in the same danger as Holt.

The thing I love most about all of The Ring films, and of course now, Rings, is how they are all authentically scary. While Samara is the film’s villain, so to speak, she doesn’t have to make her presence in every scene just things to be scary. The film does everything right by scaring the daylight out of you, simply by planting the fear to be based on the inevitable that will happen 7-days following the video. And mentioning the video, I love how the film stays true to the original VHS tape that originally started The Ring franchise, however, now, a digital copy was dubbed. I mean it is 2017 and let’s be honest, who still uses a VHS now, or even really DVDs for that matter.

The film’s leaders, Lutz and Roe, are undeniably a great pair together. Neither of the two have very lengthy filmographies, yet they are both very talented and natural actors. Another plus with the franchise is there has never been the need to have you typical A-list actors in order to create a solid psychological flick. The Ring nails it every time and Rings is a great return for the franchise that may just have another installment waiting in the wings.

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