Blu-ray Review: ‘Ride Along 2’

Review by Monique Thompson

Rookie lawman Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) aspires to become a detective like James Payton (Ice Cube), his future brother-in-law. James reluctantly takes Ben to Miami to follow up on a lead that’s connected to a drug ring. The case brings them to a homicide detective and a computer hacker who reveals evidence that implicates a respected businessman. It’s now up to James and Ben to prove that charismatic executive Antonio Pope is actually a violent crime lord who rules southern Florida’s drug trade.

Had enough of Kevin Hart yet?!? If you’re anything like me, probably not. Kevin and Ice Cube are back, almost exactly one year later, with the follow-up to last years hit action comedy Ride Along. In this sequel, the duo brings pretty much everything that is expected from them: Cube with his typical hardcore yet still like-able attitude and Hart with his energy filled jokes and ridiculously funny moments. The chemistry between these two is undeniably perfect to say the least. Ken Jeong (The Hangover trilogy) is added to the lineup and he’s another one that’s wacky and corny but you can’t help but love him. His character, A.J., is a well known computer hacker that James and Ben are looking for while in Miami.

Granted, there’s plenty of unrealistic scenes but it’s a comedy and they each result in hilarious moments. The whole “good cop/bad cop” partnership is great and certainly nothing original but it’s the stupidity that makes this an enjoyable film. Hart and Cube are both amazingly talented and Ride Along 2 is definitely worth seeing.

Also Starring: Tika Sumpter, Olivia Munn, Benjamin Bratt, and Glen Powell

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