Blu-ray Review: ‘Office Christmas Party’

It’s a gag a second flick that has nowhere near the laughs to make up for the dull subplots and romances. It has a fantastic cast, that includes Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Kate McKinnon, and a bitchy Jennifer Aniston, but none get much to do. Bateman plays the straight role again. Munn is the love interest with some brains. Aniston is a bitch of a CEO. And McKinnon is hilarious in her role as the HR lady, but she just doesn’t get enough gags.

Then there is T. J. Miller as the boss of the office. He gets the bulk of the jokes in the movie and many of them are pretty funny. He’s just not charismatic enough to lead a movie and that’s why Jason Bateman gets the more traditional lead role. Then there are a handful of other subplots involving pimps, hoes, nerds, drugs, and an odd mommy sex fetish. Again, some of this is funny and some falls flat or where’s out it’s welcome. 

So, the question really becomes that of how precious your dollar is. There is nothing special about this movie and it’s completely forgettable within a day, but it’s not really bad. It is pretty funny at times. Which means to me, if you just want some passive entertainment on date night then you will be okay. However, if you just want to go see a good comedy than this is not it. It’s up to you folks. I’m sure you will make the right choice.

Nathan Ligon

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