Blu-ray Review: ‘No Tears For The Dead’

Gon, a hit man raised by the mob after being abandoned by his mother is traumatized when he accidentally kills a young girl during a job. He is immediately buried under a mountain of guilt. His situation and self-hatred is further complicated when he is given the mission to eliminate the girl’s mother, Mogyeong. Conflicted and still filled with guilt, Gon decides to make it his mission to protect Mogyeong and explain to her the truth behind her daughter’s death.

‘No Tears for the Dead’ is a very good crime drama with lots of fantastic action sequences. It features well-stylized and bloody fight scenes that are both captivating and exciting. The entire film is well shot and imagined; it is this aspect, more so than the story, that carries the movie.

The film’s plot is pretty much a mix of recycled action movie tropes, and it tries a bit too hard to be complex. Rather than just be a simple action movie with great fighting scenes it tries to have a smart and complicated story. This just makes things somewhat hard to follow and can lead to some plot confusion.

‘No Tears for the Dead’ is a decent action movie with some great fighting sequences. Its plot is nothing special, but, taken as a whole, it is an enjoyable film, especially for fans of more old school action kung-fu films.

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