Blu-ray Review: ‘Masterminds’

Review by Tracee Bond

There is something about an Owen Wilson movie that almost guarantees it will be stupidly funny. Add Zach Galifianakis, Leslie Jones, and Jason Sudeikis to the mixture and it’s a guaranteed wash. This film, based on a true story, highlights everything that could go wrong when one of the biggest heists in U.S. History is carried out by a bunch of clueless misfits.

Zach Galifiankis stars as David Ghantt, a dedicated worker who becomes an employee of an armored truck company after he meets Kristen Wiig who immediately makes his heart melt. David, who is about to marry another woman (Kate McKinnon) that he met at a funeral, becomes totally disengaged while still going through the motions. The hilarious stages of wedding planning begins when a photographer takes the crappiest pictures of the couple while learning of the heartbreaking story of how they met. While there seems to be no fathomable reason they should be together, as the story unfolds, it seems to be the least of David’s problems. David’s newly-found romance with the co-worker seems to take on a new life after she is fired from the company and becomes bait for the biggest heist in history. When she meets up with former childhood friends, they agree that she would seek a forbidden romance with David to lure him into being the middle man in their plans to make an honest living by robbing the armored truck company. When David agrees to go along with the heist in exchange for the promise of romance, every detail in the plan is met with totally clueless abandon. The remainder of the film is a hilarious hour and a half of humor and stupidity that is both entertaining and cautiously optimistic. David, who becomes a wee bit wiser, just a tad too late, is a hero in his own right and meets his fate with admirable enthusiasm.

Director Jared Hess deserves props for taking a serious and historic situation and delivering the right balance of characters who handle humor and irony with just the right mix to make it a success. If you’re looking for a no-holds-barred night of continuous entertainment with its rightful place in history, this is perfect outlet for a family night of fun. Get Stupid Rich Back Packs and delicious GooGoo Clusters given away at the screening were mad props that made it even better!

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