Blu-ray Review: ‘Lurking Fear’

Review by Monique Thompson

Ex-con John Martense (Blake Adams) returns to his childhood home of Lefferts Corner after serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Martense visits family friend Knaggs (Vincent Schiavelli), a mortician who has been holding half of a map for him. The map leads to a graveyard where Martense’s father hid the money from his last heist. Arriving at an abandoned church, Martense is confronted by Cathryn (Ashley Laurence), a young woman seeking revenge for the murder of her sister, and town doctor Dr. Haggis (Jeffrey Combs). This group is quickly joined by a trio of criminals who are looking to find the money John’s father stole from them. What everyone is not aware of are the humanoid creatures lurking underneath the holy grounds.

When you’re used to horror films now, then time travel back in film age and see a retro horror flick, most of the time you’re left wondering, “How on earth could I have possibly thought this was so good”?? Lurking Fear isn’t as retro as the black and white Night of the Living Dead flicks but it’s still quite dated. Classic horror films like The Gate is what came to mind right from the jump but The Gate was much better in my opinion.

The digitization of the film to Blu-ray definitely shows a much clearer picture than what you’re accustomed to when watching an older horror film. However though, it brings attention to the many advancements in drama and movie production. Watching a blood scene from a retro flick is almost like a strawberry syrup fest. In the Lurking Fear, things are no different. The initial scene when the sister is murdered is almost painful to watch, not because of what happens to her, but because by now everyone is used to elaborate murder scenes with realistic blood and guts everywhere and that’s just not the case here. For the retro lovers and those that have saw the Lurking Fear before, you’ll surely find this one quite entertaining to see the digitally remastered version. But the younger generation, will find it quite amusing to see where film started from compared to now.

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