Blu-ray Review: ‘Lost After Dark’

‘Lost After Dark’ is one of those movies that not only idolizes 80’s slasher flicks, it wants to be an 80’s slasher flick. While managing to inject hints of cleverness amidst the camp overall the film just kind of blah.

The plot is overly simple. A group of students in the woods run into a psychotic cannibalistic killer while encountering some of the worst luck possible. If there was something worth mentioning that differentiated the film from the army of other movies featuring this same set-up I’d put it here, but other than the fact that its somewhat of a satire there is not.

The film’s acting is pretty bad, and the dialog offers no favors. Things are more often than not overly dramatized and reliance on stereotypes for story quickly becomes par for the course. It is never good when you make a film to have the audience question if the reaction they feel is the one you want. Here it is hard not to cringe at scenes that seemingly take themselves too seriously (or is that the gag?).

There are a few positives. The movie is decent in the gore department with some enteraining killings and the like. Also, it is relatively short so if you do decide to give it a go it won’t waste too much of your time. All in all, ‘Lost After Dark” is a short B movie that is high on the nods to 80’s slasher flicks, but low on entertainment value.

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