Blu-ray Review: ‘About Last Night’ Is Another Kevin Hart Winner

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no escaping the fact that comedian Kevin Hart has been all over the box office. With Grudge Match ending 2013 and his leading role in the smash-hit Ride Along, he’s here yet again with the romantic comedy About Last Night. Produced by Will Packer (Takers, Think Like A Man, Ride Along) all of the roles from the 1986 film have been reprised using African-American actors/actresses in this remake starring Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, and of course Kevin Hart.

Set in Los Angeles, the film opens with Bernie (Hart) telling his best friend Danny (Ealy) about his “sexcapades” with his love interest, Joan (Hall). Meanwhile, Joan is discussing her opinion of Bernie with her roommate Debbie (Joy), as they prepare to meet up with the two guys for drinks. After Bernie and Joan end up leaving, Danny and Debbie begin to converse and realize they have a lot in common.

Bernie and Joan take the crown as the loud and raunchy couple that can’t keep their hands off each other, while Danny and Debbie is your romantic and loving couple, which makes for a great balance. Hart and Hall are both extremely funny and their wit and jabs they take at each other is done so naturally. And for those looking for the romance and heart tugging gestures, Ealy and Bryant is the perfect duo exhibiting true love.

What makes About Last Night such a good film is that unlike most romantic comedies, men will actually enjoy this film. Of course there are your mushy moments that melt the hearts of most female viewers, Hart and Ealy’s “bromance” is so relatable to the male perspective of dating and relationships that men will respect and enjoy the characters as well as the story line.

There’s no doubt, the four leads were perfectly placed together and have resulted in a brilliant romantic comedy. About Last Night will give you plenty of laughs and is simply a fun and realistic film about dating.

In stores on May 20.

Review by Monique Thompson

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