Blu-ray Review: ‘Kill Switch’

An experiment to create virtually unlimited clean energy goes horribly awry and it is up to one man to save the whole universe. Need I say more?

Yes? Ok.

Kill Switch is a futuristic sci-fi adventure debut from acclaimed writer-director Tim Smit. Part of the film, the present, is told through the first-person view of pilot and physicist Will Porter (Dan Stevens), similar to modern video games complete with amazing visual effects and on-screen displays for added details. Flashbacks cut to standard filming styles, with Stevens appearing on screen, and still decent visual effects.

In present day, Will arrives at a place called “Echo”. I don’t want to spoil the backstory of “Echo”, but think parallel universes. Will has been sent there to shut down something that is causing havoc back home. But before he can finish his mission, he has to face drones with heavy firepower, local militias also with heavy firepower, and the effects of his ultimate goal which he quickly discovers is causing havoc there as well.

I enjoyed this film a great deal. It has plenty of action, is visually appealing, and provides a decent enough story tying it all together. While intriguing, some bits of the story seem scientifically implausible, but in a video game style story, the implausible can be forgiven; this is speaking as a gamer/ sci-fi fan, others might disagree.

The acting is fairly good, believable; though some character development probably took a backseat to the action and main story. I found myself wishing it was a video game so I could get some extra details. But, on the flip side, I know people who don’t like how long games take, so they would probably prefer this condensed story. I would mildly recommend Kill Switch.

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