Blu-ray Review: ‘Joe Dirt’ Is Still A Fun And Entertaining Watch

‘Joe Dirt’ was the second comedy that David Spade made after the untimely death of Chris Farley (the first film being the ultimately forgettable ‘Lost and Found’). The movie was Spade’s big chance to show that he could carry a film by himself rather than just play the comic straight man second-fiddle.

His success in distinguishing himself was somewhat mixed. While ‘Joe Dirt’ has more than a few funny moments it has never really seemed to reach the level of cult status of the Farley and Sandler films from the same time period. That said it is still a pretty entertaining flick.

The film which follows the adventures of Joe Dirt, a mullet-rocking janitor, as he attempts to track down his parents that abandoned him as a child at the Grand Canyon. The whole thing is framed through an interview with a shock jock radio host (Dennis Miller).

A sequel to the film is about to be released. I’m not sure if that is necessarily because the original film really needed a follow-up or because the quality of today’s comedies has reached the point that the sequel bug is attempting to drudge up what it can (It’s been 14 years since the original film).

No matter what happens with the sequel the original film will still be a fun and entertaining watch. It will never be lauded as one of the greatest comedies ever made, but it has all the charm and wit of that bygone comedic era when films by Sandler and his SNL ilk meant quality laughs and not a lot of cringing.

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