Blu-ray Review: ‘The Identical’

Twins, Ryan Wade and Drexel Hemsley (Blake Rayne) are separated at birth during the Great Depression due to financial reasons. A preacher and his wife adopt Ryan. They think that Ryan is well-suited to be a future preacher, but he just wants to play music. Drexel becomes as a famous rock star while Ryan struggles between pleasing his parents and following his dreams. 

‘The Identical’ is a decent movie buried beneath a bit too much emphasis on Christian morality and values. It features both great actors (though most of their performances are fairly phoned-in) and an interesting though somewhat disjointed story, but more than once its stress on preaching and values temporarily hijacks the film and ruins its flow.

It is very clear that the plot of the film parallels that of Elvis Presley with the additional idea of a twin brother (Elvis had a brother that died at childbirth). Blake Rayne does a great job in this role and even has a voice close to that of ‘The King.’

The obnoxious thing about the film’s over emphasis on Christian values (as well as a weird throwaway reference to the Six Day War) is that they have no real influence on the overall plot. Ryan could have had different parents who opposed his musical dreams and the movie would not have changed much at all. Nothing inspirational nor learned lesson comes from the character’s beliefs.

‘The Identical’ is not a bad movie. It has a lot going for it, and is, at times, highly enjoyable. Its over-emphasis on Christian values, which lend nothing to the overall plot, does drag the story down and create more than a couple cringe worthy moments.

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