Blu-ray Review: ‘Holliston’ Season Two

Cast/Guest Stars: Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, Bailee Madison, James Gunn, Sid Haig, Seth Green, David Naughton, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Dee Snider, Laura Ortiz
Directors: Adam Green, Sean Becker
Studio: Image Entertainment
Release Date: Tuesday, April 8

Set in the town of Holliston, Massachusetts (where my sister lives and near where I grew up), the show is from Adam Green (who does pretty much everything on the show including starring) as Adam and executive producer Joe Lynch as Joe. They want to be horror film makers, struggling and working at a local cable access station. The show also stars Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) as a glam loving, cross dresser, who’s their boss, Laura Ortiz (Laura who’s Joe’s girlfriend) and Corri English (Corri is Adam’s ex). It’s a funny, horror comedy, unlike most things that are on TV.

Some of the craziness of the season two include guest star Kane Hodder, who the guys sign out of a hospital, to try and get him to star in their movie ‘Shinpads.’ They try to make a found footage movie, Corri is bitten by a man in the hospital and they think she may be a werewolf. There’s also personal situations that happen between the couples and the friends.

The show aired on FEARnet for two seasons. Currently on hiatus, I can only hope it comes back. For an original dose of as FEARnet calls it a mixture of ‘Evil Dead 2 and The Big Bang Theory.’ That sums it up perfectly.

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