Blu-ray Review: ‘Gregory Peck Centennial Collection’

Gregory Peck is one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. Nominated for five best actor winners and winning one time for To Kill A Mockingbird. Now you can relive two of his legendary movies on Blu-ray with Gregory Peck Centennial Collection.

It contains To Kill A Mockingbird his Oscar winning role of Atticus Finch, a southern lawyer and father, from Harper Lee’s best selling novel of the same name. Based on the author’s views from her family growing up in the 30’s.

Cape Fear (the original version) where he played Sam Bowden, a lawyer who helped send Max (Robert Mitchum) to jail for eight years for rape. When things start to happen he fears for his life and family and moves them to Cape Fear. It all leads to a dramatic showdown.

Peck was a man’s man in Hollywood. He would often do his own stunts and even was even named to the International Best Dressed list Hall Of Fame in 1983.

This set comes with photo & poster reproductions and bonus features including the making of Cape Fear, a conversation with Gregory Peck and more.

You can pick up the collection in stores now from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

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