Blu-Ray Review: ‘Free Fall’ Is Not A Bad Movie, Just Overly Gimmicked


Jane (Sarah Butler) discovers that her former boss (Malcolm McDowell), a top executive at Gault Capital, was involved in criminal activity during the fallout from his apparent suicide. Frank (D.B. Sweeney) is hired by the company as a “crisis manager” to stop Jane from telling anyone about her recent discovery. He traps her in an elevator over a long holiday weekend as she attempts to escape with her evidence of the company’s wrongdoing. Now Jane must find a way out of the steel box before Frank can reach her.

‘Free Fall’ is a thriller with a premise that probably sounded better in the writer’s head. (and possibly should have stayed there). While the idea of being stuck in an elevator is potentially scary, it is not enough to carry an entire film. The overall plot and flow of the film would be better if they did not focus so much on this one aspect.

In general, ‘Free Fall’ is not a bad movie, but it is overly gimmicky and bland. If not for the whole elevator pizazz it would be a somewhat forgettable and generic film, and perhaps that’s why the writers decided to play up that element.

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