Blu-ray Review: ‘Endless Love’

Review by Susan Kamyab

For most people, the love you find in your teen years tends to not be the kind worth fighting for. But for David and Jade, this theory goes out the window as they prove their love is everlasting no matter what obstacles are thrown at them.

Endless Love greatly differs from the 1981 version. The PG-13 rating may have something to do with that. Given that its target audience is probably the thousands of tweens that are looking to gawk at Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike); parents should take comfort in the fact that this story is cleaner and less risqué than the original.

It’s the classic story of how the rich girl falls in love with the underprivileged boy. Gabriella Wilde (Carrie 2013) plays Jade, a naïve, sheltered girl who finally crosses paths with David (Pettyfer), the boy who has been in love with her for the past four years of high school. After an immediate connection and an idealistic night at her graduation party, the two reciprocate in an intense first love filled with passion, heat, excitement, and of course one problem after another. Jade’s father played by Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek Into Darkness) can not stand the idea of his daughter dating a valet attendant who could potentially be a distraction for her future career plans.

Wilde and Pettyfer do a fantastic job in this film. Their chemistry jumps off the screen. Though it was cheesy at times, the “I can’t live without you” love was kind of fun to watch. Honestly, first loves can consume your whole world sometimes, and make you feel like you would be lost without them. Other than that relatable fact, their romance is more dramatic than most. Although, if Jade and David’s romance doesn’t entertain you, the hilarious comic relief sprinkled throughout the film by David’s crude best friend Mace(Dayo Okeniyi) will make up for any lack of interest.

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief partial nudity, and some language. In stores on May 27.

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