Blu-ray Review: ‘Edward Scissorhands’ 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

Review by Lauryn Angel

It’s hard to believe that Tim Burton’s suburban fairy tale is twenty-five years old, but there’s a 25th Anniversary Edition of Edward Scissorhands available now.

Edward Scissorhands is one of Burton’s retellings of Frankenstein. Edward (Johnny Depp) is the gentle creation of a childless inventor (Vincent Price, in one of his final roles). The Inventor dies before he can finish Edward, leaving him with scissors for hands, alone in his mansion on the hill. He is eventually discovered by Avon lady Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest), who takes him to her home in the suburbs and tries to introduce him to civilization.

Edward Scissorhands is filled with great performances from an outstanding supporting cast – Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Arkin, and Conchata Farrell – but Johnny Depp shines brightest as Edward in his first role after 21 Jump Street.

This edition contains a remastered 4k Blu-ray, but the extras are the same as previous editions: audio commentaries by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, theatrical trailers, and a brief featurette. However, the collector’s edition includes a heart cookie cutter, paperdoll chain, and topiary air freshener that are fun extras for the true fan of the film.

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