Blu-ray Review: Dragonwolf Is A Babbling Mess

‘Dragonwolf’is a babbling two hour mess of aimless nudity, sex, and fighting. Its lack of plot, gut wrenchingly terrible acting, and equally dreadful dubbing make it seem as if the screenwriter thought that the key to good movie writing was adding brutal fighting scenes to a cheesy softcore skin flick. This in itself would not have been the movie’s death knell, but it is also mired in inconsistency. It can’t decide what type of bad movie it is.

Somewhere amidst the extended, and often disappointing, fight sequences and gratuitous and largely pointless sexual content, the film focuses on two hit men, friends since childhood, that find themselves at odds after being seduced by the same beautiful woman. There isn’t a lot of depth here. Parts of the film come off as funny and entertaining (hopefully on purpose), but these are buried under the mediocrity of the rest. Attempts at plot twists fall short, creating unnecessary confusion, and come off as little more than cheap ways out of poorly designed scenes.

If there is a redeeming aspect of ‘Dragonwolf’ it is the fight scenes, though other movies have similar scenes, if not much better, while still managing to have a plot worth following. It is slightly offensive to think that this movie was made with an audience in mind. The filmmakers must believe moviegoers to be a wanton and simpleminded group, willing to stomach utter nonsense for a few middling fight scenes and some unnecessary nudity. Fans of movies so terrible they almost become entertaining might find something here, but everyone else would do better watching anything else.

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