Blu-ray Review: ‘Don’t Think Twice’

Thought the title refrains you from thinking, movie ‘Don’t Think Twice’ will definitely make you think about its charm, magic, story and art. A fantastic story-line with extremely powerful cast, this movie is a complete entertainer for the audience. Scheduled to release on 22nd July, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is the masterpiece crafted by writer, director and actor Mike Birbiglia. Revolving around friendship, success, failure, ignorance, relations and changes, this movie conveys its message with the aid of simple story-line and flawless acting. Hard work and efforts of each of its characters come live on the screen as the actors manage to form an instant connection with the audience.

Based in the city of New York, the story takes the viewers through the strong friendship between six friends. While working together as part of an Improv group ‘The Commune’, these friends Miles (Mike Birbiglia), Samantha (Gillian Jacobs), Jack (Keegan-Michael Key), Allison (Kate Micucci), Bill (Chris Gethrad) and Lindsay (Tamy Sagher) create wonders on stage. With original contribution from each of the team members, the group strives to entertain its audience through comical talks and humorous presence of mind. Successfully operating for eleven years on a low cost and small platform of New York improv theater, yet retaining the theme of simplicity, affection, honesty and sincerity, the group put all their efforts and hard work along the journey.

A distinct highlight that shines through the course of the entire movie is the strong bond of affection between these six friends. Though each of them perform menial jobs by the day to earn their living, their trust, faith, pride and excitement of coming together on stage keeps them going. With exceptional level of excellent acting, each of these actors have brought their characters to life. Depiction of entertaining improv sessions within the course of this movie enhances the overall entertainment quotient as it offers an insight into their art, talent and skill.

While the movie progresses at its pace, involving every actor and their individual lives; the story takes the audience through several unexpected twists. With sudden news of shutting of the Improv theater, each of these six friends face difficult questions for the future. As a medium that kept their talent, skill, passion, friendship, interest and ambition alive, shutting of Improv theater meant a complete full stop to all. Amidst these uncertainties of life, the group experiences lot of changes in their bond. While dealing with the failure, when only two of these friends bag an opportunity to audition for a famous comedy show on-screen, the equation of the friendship transforms forever. Though each of them wish luck and success for the two, the realities of life and complication of circumstances present the true picture. Uncertainties of their changing friendship and future of the Improv shower loads of sadness, disappointment, defeat and failure as each of the six toil to find their own path.

An interesting story-line that prompts one to think about failure, the movie depicts the realities of life that we all encounter at some point of time. Be it success, wealth, power or fame, as the dynamics of the group changes, the movie leaves behind a strong message for the audience. Marching ahead with the present situation, while accepting the changing course of circumstances is the need of the hour as the movie prompts so through its title. While each of these friends deal with the changing situation in their own way, the plot progresses ahead in an interesting manner.

Friendship, trust, faith and closeness between these six friends form the best features of this movie that seems completely real. With a simple story and real-life resemblance, the movie comes across as a smooth piece of entertainment. By forming a strong connection with the audience from the first scene itself, the story retains its magic right through the end.

Watch this movie for its amazing acting, entertaining Improv sessions, flawless story-line and simple feel. Though the movie may keep you away from thinking, it will definitely make you fall in love with it over and over again!

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