Blu-ray Review: ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ Is Generic Family Fun


My question going into ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ was a simple one. “Do I or anybody else really need another of these movies?” After sitting through it, I’m not sure that I had my question answered. However, I do know that the movie wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t call it anything special, but it’s certainly harmless enough.

If you ever saw the first one then you will know that it was about an aquarium of dedicated people that tried really hard and succeeded in saving the life of a dolphin named Winter. This was mostly due to the help of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and a doctor named Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) who made Winter a special prosthetic fin. The new one pretty much picks up where the last one left off by introducing the same characters to us again.

Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr. are back again as Lorraine and Clay. Clay is the head of the aquarium and the man in charge, but the kids are the ones that truly command the show. The main kid is again Lorraine’s son Sawyer (Nathan Gamble). Sawyer loves Winter like a member of his family and he is joined in that care by Clay’s kid, Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff).

The new tale is less about prosthetics this time around and more about dolphin emotions. When Winter’s closest dolphin pal dies it becomes clear that Winter is suffering from some type of depression. This is when the movie shows us that dolphins cannot live in captivity without a companion. So, the search is on to find Winter a new pal or he will have to go somewhere else and leave those who love him.

This all leads to a pretty standard tale that may cause slight controversy over the whole purpose of captivity, but mostly will just warm family audiences hearts. The performances are all pretty good across the board and the music also works it’s magic when it’s needed. There’s nothing worth writing about that I would call special in this movie. Yet, sometimes that is okay. It’s not a bad thing for kids to just see a decent hearted little movie. Even if it’s treading familiar ground.

Dolphin Tale 2 arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD on December 9 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Nathan Ligon

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