Blu-ray Review: ‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead’ Is A Gory Yet Silly Nazi Zombie Thrill Ride

Nazis, zombies, and gore go along way towards making an entertaining movie. ‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead’ survives almost exclusively on a foundation of these three things and the results are a hilariously inane gore-fest.

Starting up right where its predecessor left off, ‘Dead Snow 2’ picks up with Martin, the lone survivor of a Nazi zombie attack, as he attempts to escape and warn the world of the potential danger. Blood loss and delirium cause Martin to wreck his car, and wind up in the hospital. When he awakes he discovers that he is being blamed for all of the murders committed by the Nazi zombies and nobody believes his story. Martin is able to escape police custody, and with the help of some American zombie hunters, decides to take the fight to the Nazi zombie menace.

Like many such sequels, ‘Dead Snow 2’ attempts to greatly expand the scope of the horror and gore. Whereas the first film took place exclusively in the woods and was primarily survival horror the sequel is much more diverse in its undertaking. Gore and shock value play a large part of the story, but where the film really shines is its ability to not take itself seriously. The plot is insanely silly (at times to the point of cringing), but it never stops being entertaining. This is a highly watchable zombie flick.

‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead’ is a gory yet silly Nazi zombie thrill ride. Fans of the original, as well as fans of horror comedy hybrids, should really enjoy the absurd storytelling and unique brand of gruesome humor. The movie is almost worth watching just for the innovative and often comical way that it portrays its killings.

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